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    100% of profit goes to veteran support

    4410 veterans and families supported in the last year

    100% of profit goes to veteran support

    4410 veterans and families supported in the last year

    + What is Heroes Rewards Program?

    Heroes Rewards is a loyalty program that rewards members with points every time they shop on There are ways like following us on social media or regular shopping to earn points, which can further be redeemed towards future purchases with us. 

    + How do I sign up?

    Just create an account here and you’re all set. It’s free to join!

    + What is the advantage of joining the Heroes Rewards Program?

    The Heroes Rewards Program allow members to earn more rewards the more they engage with the Help for Heroes Shop. Members receive reward points for each purchase that can then be redeemed towards the cost of future purchases. You can also earn points by engaging with Help for Heroes social media pages, frequent shopping with us, and much more! 

    + Where can I find all my account information and check my balance points?

    You can access your loyalty points by logging into your account on our website.

    + How do I redeem my points and get a reward?

    Redeeming your points for great rewards couldn’t be easier! You can redeem your points at checkout. You can select the number of points you want to redeem on the checkout page . 
    Our Heroes Rewards loyalty program is currently available and redeemable on our website only. 

    + Is it possible to see how many points I have used already?

    Yes, you can do this by clicking on the “Rewards History” at the top of your loyalty logged in page. 

    + Do my points expire?

    Yes, your points will expire after 12 months of inactivity.

    + Can I use a discount code and redeem my points in the same order?

    Customers can only use either the discount code or redeem points per order. It is not possible to use the drop-down method of redeeming points at checkout along with a discount code.

    + Can I return my order if I used my points to get a discount? What will happen to my points?

    Yes, the same return policy applies. If you return your purchase in full, the loyalty points you originally used will be credited back to your account. In the event of a partial return, your points will be offset accordingly.

    + Will I retroactively get points for all my previous orders?

    You will only receive points for purchases made after program launch date [ i.e. 25 April 2024]

    + Can I earn points if I buy from other Help for Heroes profiles/channels (e.g. Amazon, eBay, etc.)?

    No, that is not possible.

    + How many points may I redeem at a time?

    Currently, members may redeem up to 400 points or the equivalent of £20 per purchase.

    + Can I donate my points?

    No, currently you cannot donate your points. But, if you would like to donate monies/£s, please follow the Donate here link. This is a great way to give a one-off amount to help veterans, serving personnel, families and people who worked alongside the UK military. 100% of your donation goes to veteran support.

    + Can I earn points on my donation?

    No, points will be earned on the purchase of physical items/products only and not donation.

    + Is there a minimum order value threshold before I can earn points to spend?

    Yes. The minimum order value before you earn redeemable points is set out below. 

    Order value
    Redeemable points earned
    + How do I unsubscribe from the Heroes Rewards program?

    Please email customer service and we'd be happy to assist you: