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    News — Craig Gadd

    Model behaviour from Craig Gadd - beneficiary

    Model behaviour from Craig Gadd - beneficiary

    Craig Gadd standing proud on our photoshoot

    Craig joined us on our recent photoshoot to tell his story and help us showcase our latest collection. 

    “Some people might have legged it, pardon the pun, when they were asked to be on a photoshoot but I loved it!" said Craig. “I had a few moves of my own in my kit bag to show off the gear as well.”


    For Craig the darkest moment was shortly after his injury. “In hospital I saw myself naked in the mirror for the first time with a leg missing. It really upset me. A few tears rolled down my cheek, but I realised it wasn’t growing back so I dried my eyes and said to myself “crack on”. I was taught early on, the sooner you accept your injury, the quicker you move on with your life. Help for Heroes have always helped with that. They’ve always been there for me”

    “I hope you like what you see in the range and not just because I am wearing it. I have got involved in lots of things with Help for Heroes since I was injured in Afghanistan. It is fantastic to see the love and affection for our veterans and serving soldiers. It means a lot to us. So please keep shopping and help the guys and girls to move on from their injury like I have.”