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    News — Ross Kemp

    Ross Kemp - Help for Heroes Patron and model!

    Ross Kemp - Help for Heroes Patron and model!

    Ross Kemp is a household favourite particularly after appearing as Eastenders hardman Grant Mitchell. More recently he is known for his documentaries taking him to dangerous worlds of warfare and drugs.

    There was a powerful pull to Help for Heroes for Ross from the very beginning. He has been an H4H Patron and a real ambassador for the charity giving his time freely to support the cause.

    “I am incredibly proud to be Patron of this wonderful charity. I hope that by supporting our Armed Services you are proud of yourself – you should be.”

    On a recent visit to Tedworth House he spent time with the beneficiaries having lunch and finding more about them and the difficulties they are facing in their recovery.

    He is also visited our Tin Hut office which is a hub for volunteers in Tidworth and where volunteers are looked after nationwide. He had a laugh and joke with the volunteers and staff there who are used to seeing him dropping in from time to time.

    He also took time to help out us in the Trading team having some pictures taken in our latest collection of T-shirts and hoodies. Nothing was too much trouble for Ross and we all enjoyed helping him show off his muscles for Help for Heroes!

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