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    100% of profit goes to veteran support

    4410 veterans and families supported in the last year

    100% of profit goes to veteran support

    4410 veterans and families supported in the last year


    Band of Sisters Flowers of Friendship Project

    Band of Sisters Flowers of Friendship Project

    Designed with love by the women supporting our wounded heroes every day.

    The Flowers of Friendship collection has been designed with 6 members of the Help for Heroes Band of Sisters. This fellowship support network is for the loved ones of injured Veterans and Service Personnel. They meet regularly to listen, help and encourage each other through their changed lives.

    On one of their craft evenings at Tedworth House they were joined by product designers from Help for Heroes Trading Charlotte Kelsey and Kelly Frost. This was the first time we have worked on a collaborative project like this. Charlotte and Kelly wanted to give everyone a fun and relaxing evening exploring some ideas.

    Each Band of Sister drew and painted some flowers. Kelly took each of the designs and worked on them back in the office to create a beautiful pattern. Designs from every lady were incorporated into the final Flowers of Friendship pattern. Initially it was to be used on a scarf but everyone loved it so much Kelly incorporated the pattern into a stunning T-shirt as well.


    The Band of Sisters group have been involved every step of the way and were delighted to see the first items – the beautiful scarf and T-shirt. Amanda Durrant talked about being involved in this project: ‘It’s made me realise anything is possible and to always give something a go!’


    Charlotte Hughes said being involved in the project has given her confidence. ‘I've loved seeing our work turn into something so special and something to be proud of.’

    When the items were available we got all the ladies together for a photoshoot so they could show off their brilliant design and have some fun with the team again! Lots of attitude and posing for the camera.

    We love the pattern so much we are experimenting with some new products for the spring. Watch this space! 


    The Flowers of Friendship collection After working with 6 wonderful ladies from the Help for Heroes Band of Sisters Kelly and Charlotte, the Trading product designers, they produced the first two lovely products for the collection – the scarf and the T-shirt.

    We had a great evening presenting the final products to the group and then of course photographing them in all the items.

     Meet Amanda, Mish, Heidi, Alex, Charlotte and Ulrike.  





    Model behaviour from Craig Gadd - beneficiary

    Model behaviour from Craig Gadd - beneficiary

    Craig Gadd standing proud on our photoshoot

    Craig joined us on our recent photoshoot to tell his story and help us showcase our latest collection. 

    “Some people might have legged it, pardon the pun, when they were asked to be on a photoshoot but I loved it!" said Craig. “I had a few moves of my own in my kit bag to show off the gear as well.”


    For Craig the darkest moment was shortly after his injury. “In hospital I saw myself naked in the mirror for the first time with a leg missing. It really upset me. A few tears rolled down my cheek, but I realised it wasn’t growing back so I dried my eyes and said to myself “crack on”. I was taught early on, the sooner you accept your injury, the quicker you move on with your life. Help for Heroes have always helped with that. They’ve always been there for me”

    “I hope you like what you see in the range and not just because I am wearing it. I have got involved in lots of things with Help for Heroes since I was injured in Afghanistan. It is fantastic to see the love and affection for our veterans and serving soldiers. It means a lot to us. So please keep shopping and help the guys and girls to move on from their injury like I have.”

    Waking up to Lorraine - from TV to Tedworth House

    Waking up to Lorraine - from TV to Tedworth House

    Lorraine Kelly has been waking us up gently on ITV for decades with her ‘Lorraine’ show. She has such an easy, friendly style about her that has made her a national treasure as she talks to us all likes she knows us and experiences the same challenges we all do.

    It is that exact empathy that has made her a key advocate and supporter of Help for Heroes since the beginning. 

    She has been involved with fundraising as well as the beneficiaries. This non-baker has baked cakes for our Bake for Heroes campaigns. She has helped promote our cycling events. 

    She is probably most comfortable having a chat with our Band of Sisters finding out about the problems they face supporting their wounded heroes. On a recent visit to Tedworth House she had lunch with some of them and her support means a lot to the people we help. 

    Lorraine also took the time to have some photos taken in our latest clothing collection. The shoot also included some of the Band of Sisters who were are involved with a new design project for Christmas! It was one of the hottest days of the summer but she was cool throughout trying on all our T-shirts and hoodies!

    Thanks Lorraine!

    Ross Kemp - Help for Heroes Patron and model!

    Ross Kemp - Help for Heroes Patron and model!

    Ross Kemp is a household favourite particularly after appearing as Eastenders hardman Grant Mitchell. More recently he is known for his documentaries taking him to dangerous worlds of warfare and drugs.

    There was a powerful pull to Help for Heroes for Ross from the very beginning. He has been an H4H Patron and a real ambassador for the charity giving his time freely to support the cause.

    “I am incredibly proud to be Patron of this wonderful charity. I hope that by supporting our Armed Services you are proud of yourself – you should be.”

    On a recent visit to Tedworth House he spent time with the beneficiaries having lunch and finding more about them and the difficulties they are facing in their recovery.

    He is also visited our Tin Hut office which is a hub for volunteers in Tidworth and where volunteers are looked after nationwide. He had a laugh and joke with the volunteers and staff there who are used to seeing him dropping in from time to time.

    He also took time to help out us in the Trading team having some pictures taken in our latest collection of T-shirts and hoodies. Nothing was too much trouble for Ross and we all enjoyed helping him show off his muscles for Help for Heroes!

    Ross Kemp group